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GYM WEED by ALTWELL.  Hemp infused sports nutrition products to help take your workouts to a higher level.  Gym Weed is paired with the power of Hemp Extract and additional functional ingredients to enhance performance and support recovery.  GYM WEED products are third party lab tested and THC FREE to ensure safe, high-quality ingredients at the right dose.

Modern Wellness with ALTWELL

ALTWELL provides purposefully curated and flavored products to help improve your overall wellness, sleep, relaxation and balance.

We know that can be a different experience for everyone, so we prioritize being able to serve the unique needs of our customers. We’re committed to helping you live each day with comfort and calm.

That’s why all ALTWELL products are crafted with product quality and consumer satisfaction in mind.

Your Data is Yours!

allgram is the next generation decentralized Peer to Peer secure communication platform hosted on the blockchain and developed with cyber and information security as the core elements of the solution.

Leveraging Digital IDs you can communicate securely via chat, voice, video, & social media knowing that nobody is accessing your data.

DIGITAL ID – Digital IDs are authenticated through the blockchain for true identity verification.
CHAT – Peer to Peer communication via text, voice and video with no central servers.
SCHEDULE CALLS – Send meeting invites using allgram calendar for business or personal use.
SOCIAL MEDIA – Create private or public clubs and share posts securely with no targeted advertisements.


Headquartered in Atlanta, Plaid Enterprises, Inc. is one of the world’s largest, most diverse manufacturers of creative do-it-yourself products. Plaid’s product innovation and dedication to the ever-changing needs of consumers have made the Plaid family of products among the most recognized and desired brands worldwide.

Founded in 1976, Plaid began as a publisher of how-to craft books. The company soon expanded into manufacturing, with paint becoming the primary focus. Today, Plaid is the industry’s leading small batch paint manufacturer, proudly producing paint in its facilities located outside of Atlanta, GA.

Concord American Flagpole

The only vertically integrated flagpole manufacturer in North America, Concord American Flagpole is the industry leader with the largest inventories, lowest freight costs and features quality parts and components. 

With over 70 years of experience in the aluminum flagpole industry, Concord American Flagpole is proud to offer the best flagpole value, the highest level of professional customer service and continued innovation to industry professionals worldwide.

Winners Circle Project

The Winners Circe Project is a non profit organization which has been meticulously designed to inspire fresh, young, innovative minds through STEAM programs embedded in the exciting world of car racing. Through our work, the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and math come alive for our students through, on, and beyond the race track!

Throughout the course of one academic year, high school students build a Factory Five vehicle from the ground up. Using a project-based curriculum created by WCP, a teacher will guide the students on their journey of learning through every aspect of the process. The program is focused on more than simply the mechanics of the build, but what it takes to develop an entire racing team—a business. WCP students will participate in activities and classes designed to introduce them to an array of fields including marketing, journalism, video production and public relations—allowing the exploration of previously undiscovered areas of strength and opportunities for growth. The program also provides internship opportunities through Alfred State College’s Motorsports Program are available.